Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) foundations

Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) foundations

~Proven technology with numerous suction pile founded platforms installed worldwide
~Swift offshore installation a couple of hours for suction operation
~Noise free installation, no noise mitigation required

Suction Pile Jacket Foundation

If you’re looking for significant cost reductions in offshore jacket installation our suction piles are the solution.

Benefits of suction piles for jacket foundations

  • Fabrication costs are reduced significantly, since no pile sleeves, -catchers, -centralizers, mud mats and leveling padeyes are required
  • Easy decommissioning by reversed installation
  • No pre piling required
  • Integrated scour protection system, hence no seabed preparations or rock dumping

Product Characteristics

  • Water depth up to 60 meter


Tri-suction Pile Caisson (TSPC)

If you’re looking for low cost and eco-friendly suction pile foundations for offshore wind turbines, the TSPC is the solution.

Benefits of the TSPC

  • Reduced offshore lifting capacity 
  • Innovative combination of proven technology results in low risks and high predictability
  • Economical fabrication
  • Removal and decommissioning by reverse installation – Fast and without a trace

Product Characteristics

  • Combining cost efficient monopile technology with the superior foundation performance of a suction piles.
  • 30% cost saving compared to piled jackets
  • Wind turbines from 15MW
  • Water depths up to 60m
  • Suited for wide range of soils from:
    – loose to dense sands
    – soft to stiff clays
    – layered soils
    – sediments over rock