Suction Pile Installation Services

Suction Pile Installation Services

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SPT Offshore has several suction piles with a capacity up to 275 mT holding capacity readily available for rental in case a temporary anchoring point is required. Together with SPT Offshore’s pump systems, this will guarantee a swift and safe installation and recovery.

Our suction piles are located at our yard in the Netherlands and Coatzacoalcos, Mexico. For an overview of our suction piles, please refer to our section ‘Rental Suction Piles‘. Please refer to our Section ‘Shallow Water Suction Pump Skids’ and ‘Deep Water Suction Pump Skids’ for our suction pump skids available for single pile installations.

Next to our suction pumps and suction piles, SPT Offshore rents miscellaneous supporting equipment, including:

  • Powered umbilical sheaves, for the controlled lowering of the suction pump umbilical
  • Control containers, for the operation of the SAPS-001, SAPS-002, SAPS-004 and SAPS-007
  • Autolock sheaves, for pulling and locking a pipeline into its target initiation box
  • Power packs, for the powering of suction pumps and sheaves