Research and development

Research and development

SPT Offshore focuses on the research and development of efficient concepts achieving flexibility and cost reductions for its customers. 

Recently SPT Offshore has developed an innovative scour protection system around suction piles, the Scour Protection system (ScPS). The umbrella-like system uses SSCS frond mats, is pre-installed onshore, and is self-deploying during installation of the suction piles.

At this moment the system is tested. The Innovate UK-backed, 20-month Self-Installing Scour Protection for Offshore Wind Farms (SISProtect) project is a collaboration between six industry partners all contributing their unique expertise. The design of the prototype Frond Mat scour protection system, with an integrated deployment method, will be a joint effort between SSCS and SPT Offshore. SSCS will design the frond mats and SPT Offshore will design the deployment system.

The Self-Installing Scour Protection will then be fabricated and fitted to a suction bucket foundation designed and manufactured by SPT Offshore and installed by N-Sea at ScottishPower Renewables’ East Anglia ONE offshore windfarm. A suction bucket without scour protection will also be installed, providing a reference for the level of scour that will develop naturally at the site and ensuring that the reduced scour measured at the protected suction bucket can be properly attributed to the Frond Mats; comparisons will also be made to the foundation rock armour used at East Anglia One.

SPT Offshore has developed more innovative concepts, which all have been field proven over the years: