Quality, Safety, Health and Environment

Quality, Safety, Health and Environment

  • For SPT Offshore the care for security, safety, health, environment and quality is our highest moral obligation in the conduct of our business affairs. To achieve this, we have implemented a QHSSE Policy with four objectives:
  • Prevention of harm to people, property and the planet,
  • Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and appropriate standards,
  • Satisfaction of our customers’ expectations and exceeding same where possible,
  • Continually improve and add value to our work performance.

The pre-condition for being able to comply with these objectives, is that employees understand this policy, appreciate its importance and implement it using the means stated in the policy. For this reason, I will explain the policy from time to time, to all employees and make it available to all interested parties. Needless to say, it is incumbent on each and every person within SPT Offshore to be conscious of his/her own personal responsibility and commitment to achieve these objectives. I also encourage the use of state of the art and innovative techniques and concepts to improve our performance.

Complementing this policy are the following:

The vehicle to enable these policies is our (ISO 9001 and ISO 45001) certified management system. With the incorporation of acquired experiences and use of best practices, we will strive to keep the management system relevant to our needs. During the regular management reviews, we will determine SMART objectives and targets.

As the Business Unit Director, I am the prime responsible person for health and safety. Our QHSE Manager has the full authority and support to ensure that our QHSSE objectives are met, implemented and maintained.


Jan Krijn Mosselman,
Business Unit Director