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Decommission Dogger Bank Met Masts


At the end of September,  Seafox and Ardent teamed up with SPT Offshore d ecommissioned two Forewind’s Dogger...

Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm opens


Statkraft and its partners Statoil and Masdar officially opened the 402MW Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm built off the...

‘First Oil’ at the Ophir field


Octanex has achieved first oil from its Ophir field, offshore Malaysia.


Self Installing Platform (SIP-1)

A relocatable, tripod platform founded on suction piles, for topsides weights up to 1,000 ton and water depths up 100m. 

Self Installing Platform (SIP-2)

A relocatable, four leg barge installed platform founded on suction piles, for topside weight up to 15,000 ton and water...

Self Installing Monopile (SIM)

A monopile founded by a single or multiple suction piles used for platform extentions with a topsides weight up to 1,500 mT...

Suction Piles for Jacket Foundations

Traditional jackets, wether with three, four or more legs, outfitted with a suction pile foundation. There is no limit on...

Suction Installed Wind Turbine (SIWT)

A three legged jacket with a suction pile foundation for wind turbines up to 10 MW and water depths up to 60m.

Suction Piles for Pipelay Startup

SPT Offshore has several suction pump systems and  suction piles and with capacities up to 275 mT readily available for...

Suction Piles for Moorings

Suction piles and/or Suction Embedded Anchors (SEAs) are a swift, safe and cost efficient methodology for the anchoring of...

Suction Piles for Subsea Structure Foundations

A suction pile foundation and/or Suction Pile Clusters (SPCs) are a swift, safe, and cost efficient methodology for the...