SPT Offshore is the leading offshore contractor for suction pile anchors and foundations.
SPT Offshore manages and undertakes EPCI projects worldwide, from installing single suction anchors to mooring lines and complete self installing platforms.

On February the 21st 2021, the first suction pile jacket of the Fujian Changle Waihai Offshore Wind Farm has been installed successfully by CCCC – First Harbor Engineering Company using SPT Offshore’ SAPS007S suction spread and crew. SPT Offshore cooperates closely with her Chinese partner Yongfu Power Engineering for both the suction pile jacket design...
2020 was a remarkable year for SPT Offshore in many ways. We solved challenges, explored new opportunities and together with our partners we shared successes on projects worldwide. We expanded our suction pump fleet by building 4 new SAPS-007S suction pump units, based on the existing SAPS-007 suction pump units. The SAPS-007S suction pump units...
In Rotterdam 7 of our suction piles for a new project with a total weight of 900 Mt were succesfully load-out. The suction piles are equipped around with our innovative scour protection system. The umbrella-like system uses SSCS frond mats, is pre-installed onshore, and is self-deploying during installation of the suction piles.