SPT Ophir Photo-173

SPT Offshore is the leading offshore contractor for suction pile anchors and foundations.
SPT Offshore manages and undertakes EPCI projects worldwide, from installing single suction anchors to mooring lines and complete self installing platforms.

SPT Offshore is upgrading its SAPS-007 suction pump units, now called SAPS-007s. The new units will become part of SPT Offshore’s fleet of suction pumps and include the latest state-of-the-art suction pump technology. This upgrade combines performance and modularity improvements within the robust and 100% redundant SAPS-007 system design. The SAPS-007s suction pump units have...
SPT was awarded the detailed design of the suction anchors for the mooring of a 340m long FPSO for a project offshore Brazil.  The FPSO will be semi-taut moored in 2,100m water depth with 20 suction anchors. The mooring design loads are exceeding the 1,500 metric tons.
On 9 April 2020, a business covenant from the programme Partners for International Business (PIB) was signed. Despite the coronavirus crisis, the signing was able to go ahead via video call. A group of Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions, including SPT Offshore, are partnering up to help advance the offshore wind industry in the United...