Ophir relocation

Ophir relocation

  Client: Redtech Offshore (for Vestigo Petroleum)

  Location: Offshore Malaysia

  Year executed: 2019

Vestigo Petroleum is undertaking the development of the Jitang Field. The Jitang Field is located at approximately 96 nm north east of the Kemaman Supply Base and about 50nm north west of the Ophir Field.

The WHP at the Ophir Field was installed in April 2017. The WHP consists of a topside, boat landing which are supported by a jacket. The jacket is anchored to the seabed by three suction piles and could therefore be easily relocated to the Jitang Field where similar water depths (about 71m) and seabed conditions (i.e. clay) were expected. The relocation work involved the retrieval of the WHP as a single unit using a heavy lift vessel. 

The suction pile wellhead platform was successfully removed from the Ophir field, relocated and re-installed.

The suction piles were pushed out in only 4 hours before the lifting operation commenced. The sheerlegs lifted the entire platform partly out of the water while keeping the jacket submerged at 40 metres. The sheerlegs sailed with the entire platform in the hooks approximately 50 nautical miles to the Jitang field, where the platform was immediately reinstalled. The relocation operation is completed due to the extreme dedication of the SPT offshore team together with its partner Redtech Offshore, the client Vestigo, and Heavy Lift Vessel owner Asian Lift.

Courtesy of DCN Diving