Transportation & Installation

Transportation & Installation

SPT Offshore has a vast experience in the transportation and installation of suction pile anchors and foundations and self installing and floatover platforms, operating from its own transportation and installation spread.

Self Installing Platforms (SIP) and other suction pile founded structures

SPT Offshore’s SIP-1, SIP-2 and SIM ar e designed such, that only a minimal offshore marine spread is required for the installation of these structures. A SIP-1 or SIM can be wet towed to site, where a relatively small Offshore Construction Vessel (OCV) or Dive Support Vessel (DSV) is required for the complete installation.

Transportation of a SIP-2 is per formed using a traditional cargo barge and tugs. If multiple field relocations are expected, it can be more cost efficient to incorporate buoyancy underneath the topsides, making it self-floating. Installation of a SIP-2 will be suppor ted, just like a SIP-1 and SIM, with an OCV or DSV.

If a traditional jacket structure is required, a suitable lif t vessel or sheerleg can be the most cost efficient installation procedure. Since several days of critical vessel time will be saved by using a suction pile foundation instead of a driven pile and grouted foundation, this can lead to significant cost savings.

Suction pile anchors and mooring line installations

For the installation of suction pile anchors and mooring lines for FPSO’s, FPU’s or other offshore floating facilities, SPT Offshore will operate a tailored Offshore Construction Vessel (OCV) and/or Anchor Handling Tug (AHT), pending on the suction pile dimensions and weight, properties of the mooring line and the water depth.

Suction pile installation services from Company’s vessel

SPT Offshore has executed numerous suction pile anchor and foundation installations from Company’s vessels. SPT Offshore monitors and controls the suction operation from the SPT control container on the vessel’s deck. During this operation, the essential installation variables are monitored, such as the pressure differential, the internal plug uplift and inclination of the pile or structure. Our offshore services will guarantee a proper, swift and safe suction pile installation and retrieval.