Fixed Platforms

If you're looking for platforms, SPT's Offshore fixed platforms are the solution.

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Floating Facilities

If you're looking for suction pile anchors and Suction Embedded Anchors (SEAs) design and fabricate for various floating facilites, SPT's Offshore Floating Facilities are the solution.  ...

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Subsea Structures

If you're looking for a quick, efficient and low cost foundation for subsea structures, SPT's Offshore Subsea Structures are the solution.    

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Suction Piles for Wind Turbines

If you’re looking for some significant cost reductions in the fabrication and offshore installation of the substructure of a wind turbine generator, the Suction...

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Self Installing Monopiles (SIM) for Platform Extensions

If you’re looking for a fast track and cost efficient solution for a platform extension, which can be quickly installed offshore, the SIM is the solution.

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Pipelay Startup

If you're looking for a quick, efficient and low cost temporary anchoring point for piepline initiation, SPT's Offshore pumps and suction piles are the solution

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