Support Suction Piles for PGN Repair

Support Suction Piles for PGN Repair

  Client: DCN Diving

  Location: Offshore Indonesia

  Year executed: 2015

SPT Offshore executed the detailed design and the suction installation services for the repair of the PGN (Perushaan Gas Negara) owned pipeline in Indonesia.

The Indonesian state-owned business PGN (Perushaan Gas Negara), specialising in the transport and distribution of gas, awarded the order to DCN Diving together with its Indonesian partner SGI, to seal a tear in a four year-old gas pipeline, located on the bottom of the Java Sea. The gas from the pipeline in question is transported to the capital city Jakarta, also home to the government of the Republic of Indonesia.


The tear was located on a weld seam and was first discovered in May 2013. During the course of that same month, PGN had a temporary repair carried out using a so-called Plidco clamp. In 2014, following extensive research, PGN decided to carry out a permanent repair to the 32-inch pipeline, located at a depth of approx. 27 metres. The repair was carried out, while the pipeline remains ‘live’ (fully pressurised). 

Courtesy DCN Diving