Shell Sweep Riser Access Tower

Shell Sweep Riser Access Tower

  Client: ALE Heavylift

  Location: Dutch North Sea

  Year executed: 2011

For the extension of the K15-FA-1 platform with additional risers, Shell used SPT Offshore’s Self Installing Monopile (SIM) with 4 suction piles to steer verticality. Installation was performed with a flat top cargo barge and an hydraulic upending system.

SPT was responsible for the installation engineering and installation of the a Water Injection Subsea Manifold for the Chevron Alba Phase IIb Field Development. The manifold i sinstalled in approx. 140m water depth. The suction pile dimensions are OD 2.5m x 3.0m deep (4 no.s).

Installation was performed using SPT suction installation spread SAPS-001 from a Client offshore installation vessel (Osprey).

SPT_Project_Shell Sweep Riser 1
SPT_Project_Shell Sweep Riser 3