Shell Malikai

Shell Malikai

  Client: Technip Marine

  Location: Sabbah, Malaysia

  Year executed: 2015

Malikai is a deep water discovery in offshore Sabah, Malaysia where Sabah Shell Petroleum Company Ltd is the designated operator. A floating Dry Tree Unit (DTU) will be installed over the Malikai Field utilizing a Tension Leg Platform (TLP) designed to suit the Malikai Environment. The Malikai TLP is to be located about 110 km off the shore of Sabah (East Malaysia) in the South China Sea. Water depth at the location is about 500 m (1500 ft). The Malikai TLP design will accommodate 24 well slots with initial 17 well developments (11 producers and 6 water injections) and additional well slots to allow for future well development.

Sabah Shell Petroleum Company contracted Technip Marine for the Transportation & Installation of 10″ and 8″ Pipelines & Risers for Malikai Project. SPT Offshore performed the suction operation for the ‘turning bollard’ piles and designed and fabricated the suction pile pump interface for their SAPS 003 pumps (i.e. the suction pile vent hatch) and the suction pile vent hatch covers.

Shell Malikai
SPT_Project_Shell Malikai