Noble Hadera Oil Offloading Buoy

Noble Hadera Oil Offloading Buoy

  Client: Micoperi

  Location: Offshore Mediterranean

  Year executed: 2012

Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd (INGL) has built the Hadera Gas Import Terminal offshore Hadera. The project site is located in Israel, about 10 km offshore from Hadera  in circa 75m of water depth. 
Micoperi Srl has been contracted to deliver and install the terminal. A 150,900 m3 Energy Bridge regasification Vessel has been moored as a Floating Storage and Regasification unit (FSRU) at the proposed terminal by means of an STL turret and mooring system. SPT Offshore performed the suction installation of the APL STL Buoy Turret Mooring Suction Piles, as a subcontractor for Micoperi.

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