Global Tech Transformer Substation

Global Tech Transformer Substation

  Client: Keppel Verolme

  Location: North Sea German Bight

  Year executed: 2013

The Global Tech Transformer Substation is the first suction pile foundation in the German sector approved by BSH.

The Global Tech 1 transformer platform is designed by OVERDICK. The hull of the MOAB is designed to be self-floating with the substructure attached. The foundation is accomplished by suction piles. The platform is installed in the German sector of the North Sea in a water depth of approximately 40m. SPT Offshore was responsible for the preparation and review of platform T&I procedures, geotechnical design suction piles, installation engineering for installation of suction piles, provision of construction crew on vessel and installation of suction piles.

Global Tech Transformer Substation
Global Tech 1
Global tech 1

Foto’s courtesy of Overdick