Burlington Field Development Calder

Burlington Field Development Calder

  Client: Genesis Oil & Gas Consultance

  Location: Irish Sea

  Year executed: 2002

The development of the Rivers Fields includes a minimum facilities, normally unattended platform located in the Calder Field (Block 110/7a) approximately 43 kilometres south-west of Walney Island in water depths of some 29.6 metres.  Initial drilling and production will commence in the Calder Field with three production wells (one near vertical and two highly deviated). Drilling and production from single vertical satellite wells will be undertaken in each of the Crossans and Darwen Fields later in field development to maintain plateau production. 

All gas from the Rivers Fields will flow to the Calder Platform and will then be exported via a newly constructed 610 millimetre (24 inch) gas export pipeline to a new gas processing plant at Barrow (the Rivers Terminal), which will lie adjacent to the existing North Morecambe Terminal.  The export pipeline will be approximately 50 kilometres in length, incorporating 43 kilometres offshore, from the Calder Platform to the low water mark on the west shore of Walney Island, and a further 7 kilometres of pipeline across intertidal areas, the Walney Channel and onshore. The gas will be separated from reservoir fluids and hydrogen sulphide removed.  The processed gas will then flow to the existing North Morecambe Terminal, for further processing, from where it will be distributed to the national gas supply network.


SPT have been contracted by GENISIS OIL & GAS CONSULTANCE to carry out design, fabrication, transport and installation works for the Calder platform of the Rivers Fields Development Project. These works included:

  • Suction pile foundation design
  • Suction pile structural design
  • Suction pile fabrication and transportation from IJmuiden, The Netherlands to Teesside, UK.
  • Platform Installation engineering
  • Provision of the installation barge and associated marine equipment
  • Platform transportation from Teesside  to the Rivers Field, Irish Sea
  • Platform installation
  • Demobilisation of systems on completion of offshore operations.
Burlington Calder 1
Burlington Calder 2
Burlington Calder 3