The SAPS-008 ultra deep water high-volume suction pump unit for installing suction piles in water depths up to 3,000m.

Features of the SAPS-008

The SAPS-008 main purpose is to combine suction and lifting services within one system. Sensors and mechanical systems are part of the pump unit and are therefor not an integral part of the suction pile structure. The SAPS-008 is operated using hydraulic power from a ROV, which is transferred with a stab to the pump unit. Venting of the air and water within the suction pile is accomplished through a single hydraulically operated vent valve in the pump unit. Hydraulic operated pins accommodate latching of the pump unit to the pile for liftingand allow for quick release and subsea mating of the pump unit and the suction pile.

The SAPS-008 can be configured for installation of both single suction piles and suction pile clusters. The suction system incorporates two parallel configured water pumps, allowing for pumping at either high flow rate (600 mr/hr) and at high pressures (up to 8 bar) with limited hydraulic power input. The result is a flexible and fully redundant system for handling and installing suction anchors and foundations.


The SAPS-008 is standardly equipped with instruments for monitoring the suction process with the ROV camera. Additionally a logging unit can be added for recording the suction data.

Applications of the SAPS-008

The SAPS-008 can be configured for installation of both single suction piles and suction pile clusters. The suction system incorporates two parallel configured water pumps, allowing for pumping at either high flow rate or at high pressures with limited hydraulic power input.

In general the SAPS-008 pump system allows for the following operational activities:

  • Suction pile installations.
  • Suction pile removals.
  • Suction pile upending.
  • Horizontal and vertical remote (in air) mating with suction pile.
  • Subsea mating with suction pile.

Benefits of the SAPS-008 compared to traditional suction pumps

  • The pump is a suction system and lifting tool combined. The hydraulic operated pins reduces rigging/releasing time
  • No instruments are needed on each suction pile these are incorporated in the suction system.
  • Fast installations with high capacity pumps and reduced rigging and handling time.
  • Pump flow easily reversible in case of penetration failure.
  • Internal soil plug measurement built in pump system.
  • Venting is included into the pump system and additional valves are therefor not required on each pile.
  • More contingencies available as the full suction system can be recovered if needed.