SAPS-003(s) – Single Piles

SAPS-003(s) – Single Piles

The SAPS-003 suction pump is powered by the hydraulic flow of a ROV or of a hydraulic hose from the vessel’s deck, pending on the water depth.

Features of the SAPS-003

  • 100% redundant first pump up to 250 m3/hr flow & second pump 43 m3/hr.
  • Max. differential pressure up to 5.0 bar.
  • 30″ connection.
  • Measuring of differential pressure.
  • Measuring of X&Y inclination by bullseye.
  • Measuring of internal soil plug.
  • Hydraulically operated by ROV through hotstabs, no separate umbilical.
  • Two 20″ vent valves, so no need for additional vent valves on the pile.
  • Remotely operated lifting tool up to 140 mT.
  • Maximum waterdepth 3,000m.
  • Optional heading control by a gyro.

Applications of the SAPS-003

Installing single suction piles for:

  • Pipelay startup.
  • Temporary and permanent moorings.
  • Installing Suction Embedded Anchors (SEA).

Benefits of the SAPS-003 compared to traditional suction pumps

  • High flow vs pressure up to 300 m3/hr and 5.0 bar, assuring swift installation.
  • Pump is docked onto suction pile above water, hence no risks of subsea connection failure.
  • SAPS-003 has an integrated lift and upending system, which minimizes handling and thus vessel duration.
  • Venting through vent valve in suction pump, saving vent valves on suction piles and subsea closing of the vent valves.
  • Instrumentation on pump, saving bulls-eyes and transponder holder on suction piles.