Tri-Suction Pile Caisson (TSPC)

Tri-Suction Pile Caisson (TSPC)

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If you’re looking for a low cost and eco-friendly suction pile foundations for offshore wind turbines, the TSPC is the solution.

Benefits of the TSPC

  • Innovative combination of proven technology results in low risks and high predictability
  • Economical fabrication
  • Very swift offshore installation – within 6 hours
  • Noise-free and vibration-free installation
  • Removal and decommissioning by reverse installation – Fast and without a trace

Product characteristics

  • Combining cost efficient monopile technology with the superior foundation performance of suction piles
  • 30% cost saving compared to piled jackets
  • Wind turbines from 5MW to 15MW
  • Water depths up to 60m
  • Suited for wide range of soils from:
    • loose to dense sands
    • soft to stiff clays
    • layered soils
    • sediments over rock