Suction Piles for Wind Turbines

Suction Piles for Wind Turbines

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If you’re looking for some significant cost reductions in the fabrication and offshore installation of the substructure of a wind turbine generator, the Suction Pile Foundation is the solution.

Benefits of Suction Piles

  • Proven foundation solution approved by the German BSH
  • Very swift offshore installation
  • Noise free installation, hence environmental friendly
  • Fabrication costs are reduced significantly, since no pile sleeves, -catchers, -centralizers, mud mats and leveling padeyes are required
  • No pile drive-, leveling- and grout spread and operation required
  • Limited draught in port and during transport to field
  • Engineering and installation by one party, hence SPT Offshore takes over installation and in-situ responsibility
  • Integrated scour protection system, hence no seabed preparations or rock dumping

Product Characteristics

Transportation & Installation

  • A three legged jacket with suction pile foundation
  • Water depth up to 60m
  • Wind turbines up to 10 MW
  1. Lift Jacket from quayside
  2. Tow to field
  3. Position and lower to seabed
  4. Install suction piles
  5. Disconnect rigging
  6. Install wind turbine generator
Time-lapse footage of wind turbine installation at Vattenfall’s European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre located just off the north east coast of Scotland in Aberdeen Bay. (Courtesy of Vattenfall)