Self Installing Monopiles (SIM) for Platform Extensions

Self Installing Monopiles (SIM) for Platform Extensions

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If you’re looking for a fast track and cost efficient solution for a platform extension, which can be quickly installed offshore, the SIM is the solution.

Benefits of the SIM

  • Proven proprietary technology with 2 successful SIM installations
  • Very swift offshore installation
  • Ideally for aging platforms that require additional topsides capacity or a platform extension
  • Low fabrication costs, structure consisting of a plain tubular and suction pile
  • No pile drive-, leveling- and grout spread and operation required
  • Noise and vibration free installation
  • Engineering and installation by one party, hence SPT Offshore takes over installation and in-situ responsibility

Product Characteristics

Transportation & Installation

  • Monocolumn founded by a single or multiple suction piles
  • Topsides weight up to 1,500 ton
  • Water depth up to 120m
  • Up to 6 conductors protected in the main column
  • Prepare existing platform with horizontal bracings and clamps
  • Wet tow of SIM to field
  • Upend and position into clamps
  • Install suction pile
  • Close clamps and weld SIM to clamps
  • Install topsides