Suction Piles for Moorings

Suction Piles for Moorings

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SPT Offshore can design and fabricate suction pile anchors for various floating facilites, such as FPSO’s, FPU’s, SPARSs, SBMs, offloading buoys etc. SPT Offshore operates a tailored Offshore Construction Vessel (OCV) and/or Anchor Handling Tug (AHT) for the installation of the suction piles and complete mooring lines. Alternatively, SPT Offshore also performs suction pile installation services from Company’s vessel(s).

Benefits of Suction Piles for Moorings

  • High capacity suction pumps, reducing the critical installation time up to a factor of 5. Suction pile installation with SPT Offshore pumps can be done within 30 minutes
  • The SAPS-003s pump has an integrated lifting and upending frame
  • No venting required
  • XY inclinometers integrated in the suction pump spread
  • Engineering and installation by one party, hence SPT Offshore takes over installation and in-situ responsibility
  • No external load tests required

Product Characteristics

Transportation and installation

  • Suction pile installation to maximum of 3,000 m water depth
  • No limit on suction pile capacity
  • Suction pump lift capacity for suction piles up to 200 mT weight
  1. Dock suction pump onto suction pile
  2. Upend suction pile (if required) and lift in to the water
  3. Lower to seabed, position and orientate with ROV
  4. Lower suction pile to self weight penetration
  5. Close vent valve in suction pump and perform suction operation
  6. Open vent valve and remotely recover suction pump to deck