Self Installing Platform Type 2 (SIP-2)

Self Installing Platform Type 2 (SIP-2)

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If you’re looking for a fast-track, cost efficient and easily relocatable platform which can be quickly installed without the use of a heavy lift vessel, SIP-2 is the answer. This type of platform is especially designed for marginal fields, with an expected field lifetime less than 10 years.

Benefits of the SIP-2

  • Proven proprietary technology with 9 successful SIP-2 installations and 3 relocations
  • Offshore installation in less less than 52 hours
  • Platform can easily be relocated, spreading CAPEX
  • No heavy lift vessel required, improving flexibility and reducing costs
  • Fabrication costs are reduced significantly, since no pile sleeves, -catchers, -centralizers, mud mats and leveling padeyes are required
  • No pile drive-, leveling- and grout spread and operation required
    Noise free installation
  • Cold commissioning can be per formed onshore
  • Engineering and installation by one party, hence SPT Offshore takes over installation and in-situ responsibility

Product Characteristics

Transportation & Installation

  • Four legged platform founded on suction piles
  • Topsides weight up to 15,000t
  • Water depth up to 60m
  • Up to 4 conductors protected in the platform legs
  1. Upending and installation of legs and suction piles
  2. Tow to field
  3. Positioning in field
  4. Lowering suction piles
  5. Suction operation and optionally lift barge
  6. Lift deck
  7. Remove barge
  8. As-installed