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Wintershall L6-B Minimum Facility Platform

The L6-B platform is a minimum facility platform developed and constructed for Wintershall using the SPT Offshore's proprietary SIP-1 concept. The platform is designed for installation in one piece, which resulted in a mobilisation, installation and demobilisation in only three days. The verticality of the structure is within 0.01 degrees achieved by individual and proportional suction on each of the suction piles.

Scope of Work

  • Concept design of platform transport & installation;
  • Detailed design and installation engineering of the suction piles;
  • Installation of suction piles

Facts and figures

  • Client
    Scaldis Salvage and Marine Contractors NV
  • Year Completed
  • Location
    North Sea, Dutch Sector Block L6
  • Suction Piles
    3x 10m OD x 10m length
  • Topsides Weight
  • Jacket and Suction Piles Weight
  • Soil Condition
    Layered sandy and silty soils with clay bands
  • Water depth
  • Project categories

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