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Amerada Hess Ceiba Subsea Development

SPT Offshore was the EPCI contractor for 25 Suction Pile Clusters (SPC) for Amarada Hess. All SPCs are installed within the tight installation verticality of less than 0.5 deg.

Scope of Work

  • Detailed design of suction pile cluster foundation
  • Fabrication of suction pile cluster foundations
  • Installation of suction pile cluster foundations

Facts and figures

  • Client
  • Year Completed
  • Location
    Equatorial Guinea, West Africa
  • Suction Piles
    25x foundations 3x piles 1.5m OD x 6m tot 8m depth
  • Soil Condition
    Soft clays
  • Water depth
  • Project categories
    Subsea Structures