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Suction Piles for Subsea Structure Foundations

If you're looking for some significant cost reductions in the fabrication and offshore installation of a subsea structure, founding it with SPT Offshore's suction piles is the solution.

Product Characteristics

  • Integrated suction pile foundation of 3 or 4 suction piles in the subsea structure
  • Suction pump is mounted on top of the subsea structure with one hose to each individual suction pile
  • Manifold in the suction pump controls the flow to each suction pile proportionally
  • Subsea structure installations to a maximum of 3,000m water depth
Subsea Structure Foundations.jpg

Benefits of Suction Piles for Subsea Structure Foundations

  • Proven technology with numerous suction pile founded structures installed worldwide
  • Very swift and vibration free offshore installation
  • Fabrication costs are reduced significantly, since no pile sleeves, -catchers, -centralizers and mud mats are required
  • No pile drive-, leveling- and grout spread and operation required
  • Leveling of the structure < 0.25 degrees by selective suction
  • Easy decommissioning by reversed installation
  • Engineering and installation by one party, hence SPT Offshore takes over installation and in-situ responsibility

Transportation and installation

  1. Mount suction pump on top of subsea structure and lock using remotely operated hydraulic pins
  2. Connect the suction pump with a water hose to each individual suction pile
  3. Open suction pump vent valves
  4. Lift subsea structure and lower to seabed
  5. Position and orientate subsea structure using ROV
  6. Lower suction pile foundation to self weight penetration and close vent valve
  7. Suction operation with ROV
  8. Suction pump proportional control of the flow in each suction pile of the subsea structure makes verticality
  9. Unlock suction pump with ROV hotstab and remove suction pump

SPT Offshore Track Record for Suction Piles for Subsea Structures

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