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Allseas Pioneering Spirit Test Frame


For the testing of the lift systems for the giant and world’s largest decommissioning vessel ‘Pioneering Spirit’ (measuring 382m long by 124m wide and suited for lifting of structures weighing up to 48,000 tons), Allseas has awarded the fabrication of a Test Frame to the project joint venture of SPT Offshore and Volker Staal en Funderingen. Both companies are part of the Volker Wessels group of companies.

The test frame will comprise a lower part founded on 4 suction piles and an upper part which will include a water tank. The water tank will be filled with sea water in order to simulate a test lift weight of 5,000 tons.


We are extremely pleased with this contract for the testing of such an exceptional vessel, say Mark Riemers and Pieter Arie Kraaijeveld both directors of the two contracting companies.


The test frame is planned to be completed by March 2015, after which it will be installed in a field in the Dutch sector of the North Sea in a water depth of 30m. The work will commence immediately.


Pieter Schelte