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SPT expands equipment fleet


This year the SPT Offshore suction pump fleet has been expanded with 5 new pumps and a new control container. This expansion consist out of 4 new SAPS-007 suction pumps for platform installations and one ultra deepwater suction pump SAPS-003s. After successfull use for this summers project the pumping systems are added to the SPT suction pump fleet.


For the Q13-A Amstel project SPT designed and built the SAPS-007 pump system. This system consists of a control container and 4 umbilical powered pump skids for operations in water depths up to 150m. With spare hydraulic ports, vent valves and suction interface locking system, this pump system is the most versatile of the SPT Offshore equipment fleet.


The SAPS-003s pump skid is an adapted version of the very successful SAPS-003 deep water pump. Equipped a centrifugal pump this ROV powered pump skid has improved suction flow rate capabilities, thus further reducing the suction installation time for deep water suction piles. The SAPS-003s pump system is design for operations in water depths up to 3000m.


SPT operates now in total a fleet of 16 suction pumps and 5 control containers. With the expansion of the equipment fleet SPT Offshore improves its capabilities for suction pile and suction foundation installations.