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Offshore project China


SPT is proud to announce to be engaged in cooperation with COOEC (Chinese Offshore Oil Engineering Corporation) to provide the full installation services including all related engineering and preparations for a total of 19 suction piles to CNOOC for the Liuhua 16-2/20-2/LH21-2 field development and Husky Lihua29-1 field development projects in the South China Sea.

SPT Offshore will be using its SAPS-008 suction pump with an integrated lifting and upending tool for suction piles up to 300 mt in weight. The SAPS-008 provides a high flow up to 600 m3/hr and pressures up to 5 bar for fast and efficient installation. Furthermore the suction pump is equipped with a large vent valve of 40 inch and a bulls-eye, which makes it no longer required to outfit each suction pile separately. This provides a reduce in the suction pile fabrication costs.