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Supporting Equipment

Powered umbilical sheaves are used for the umbilicals of the electric pump systems. 
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Powered Umbilical Sheaves

Powered umbilical sheaves are used for the umbilicals of the electric pump systems. The powered umbilical sheaves are placed on the sideshell of the installation vessel. This piece of equipment ascertains safe and smooth umbilical handling, eliminating the need of handling the umbilical by personnel, lowering HSE risks.


Autolock Sheave.JPG

(Autolock) Sheaves

SPT Offshore owns two (2) sheaves, one 200t sheave block and one 250t autolock sheave. Both sheaves can be used in combination with a suction pile for pipelay startup/initiation. The autolock sheave garantuees an exact pipeline initation in the target box, while pipelay operation can continue at full speed.

Hydraulic Power Pack.JPG

Power Packs

SPT Offshore owns and operated several hydraulic power packs, which can be used for various activites related to suction pile installation

Control Containers

All electrical pump systems are controlled ans operated from the control container on the installation vessel's deck. Data from all sensors in the suction pump skids are presented on screens present in this container. In case multiple suction pump skids are used on one structure, the levelness of the structure can be monitored and adjusted (if required) by adjusting the proportional suction flow in each suction pile.