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SAPS-002 - Suction Pile Clusters (SPC)

The SAPS-002 suction pump was specifically developed for the installation of Suction Pile Clusters (SPC)s in up to 1,500m water depth.

Features of the SAPS-002

  • Verticality controlled within 0.5 degree by controlled venting and suction operation
  • Powered by an electrical 1,500m umbilical deployed from a powered reel
  • 100% redundant total flow 95 m3/hr
  • Max. differential pressure 7.5 bar
  • Controlled from the surface control container
  • Release and docking subsea is performed remotely from the surface control container
  • Measuring of differential pressure in each suction pile
  • Measuring of X&Y inclination
  • Measuring of internal soil plug level in each suction pile
  • Venting through the pump, no vent valves needed on the pile
  • Remotely operated lifting tool up to 150mT
  • Maximum waterdepth 1,500m
  • Optional: heading control by Gyro

Applications of the SAPS-002

  • Installation and retrieval of Suction Pile Clusters