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SAPS-001 - Single Piles and Platform Foundations

The SAPS-001 suction pump is used for the installation and retrieval of single suction piles and of suction pile foundations integrated with the jacket up to 120 meter water depth. Each SAPS-001 is mounted on a suction pile and controlled via an umbilical by the SPT control container on the installation vessel's deck.

Features of the SAPS-001

  • Powered by an electrical umbilical
  • 100% redundant using two 150 m3/hr (total 300 m3/hr) water pumps
  • ROV over-ride valves
  • Maximum differential pressure 5 bar
  • 6" connection
  • Operated from the surface control container
  • Released remotely using diverless connection to the suction pile
  • Measuring of differential pressure
  • Measuring of X&Y inclination
  • Measuring of internal soil plug level
  • Maximum water depth 250m
  • Optional heading control by Gyro

Applications of the SAPS-001

  • Installation and retrieval of single suction piles
  • Installation suction pile foundations