Quality, Safety, Health and Environment

LRQA cert-OHSAS exp 300418 (50%)

SPT Offshore's policy is aimed at the prevention of mistakes, complaints and occurrence of personal injury of all personnel involved, material damage and environmental pollution. For SPT Offshore the care for quality, safety, health and environment is a top priority. With the feedback of acquired experiences, incorporated in SPT Offshore's Management System, SPT Offshore aims for a continuous improvement of the safety, health, environment, corporate organisation and the quality of its products and services. The international standards and legislation, best industry standards and practices, health and hygiene, safety regulations and environment play an important part in this.


Conditional for being able to comply with the above mentioned objectives, is that employees understand this policy, can put it into practice and keep it up to standard within the SPT Offshore organisation. For this reason, the Managing Director informs the employees on the contents of this policy statement. Each person within SPT Offshore must be conscious of his/her own personal responsibility to prevent accidents and not to harm the environment. We provide a healthy and safe working environment for all individuals involved. SHE hazards will be indentified, evaluated and managed to ensure that the SHE performance meet SPT Offshore's goals. Furthermore, everybody is encouraged to participate in and to commit to the improvement of our SHE performance. 

LRQA cert-ISO 9001 exp 140918 (50%)

All plant and equipment are operated and maintained to maximise efficiency and to minimise the potential of injuries and incidents. Prevention is our first priority. We must have procedures and resources in place to effectively respond to emergency situations. All personnel will be trained and supervised to meet their job requirements and to work safely. Whilst we use state of the art and innovative techniques and concepts, we shall never forget that we must maintain the highest safety standards.


Any use of alcohol or narcotics while carrying out Work for SPT Offshore is strictly forbidden.


During the regular management reviews, we will determine specific, measurable and practical objectives and goals concerning quality, safety and environment. SPT Offshore's Management System meets the requirements as laid down in NEN-ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001.

As your managing director, I am the prime responsible person for health and safety. Our SHE Manager has the full authority and support to ensure that our SHE goals are met, implemented and maintained.

Mark Riemers, 
Managing Director